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A gentle, loving nudge for our readers: )

Time to nudge you guys a bit. My motivation for doing so comes from working with Dr. Susan Lundgren on her great PCOS Boot Camp, here in Phoenix. She has done an awful lot of legwork to make this happen. And three other professionals in our network, plus a caterer, have committed to be there on your behalf as well. And despite the effort, enthusiasm, and love we are putting forth, the same thing is happening that always happens when we work to schedule events. I get more emails about how inconvenient the event is, and whether or not you can just get the workbook, attend for part of the time, and/or come to a rescheduled event, than I do asking how to participate. Here is what I have to say. 1. We cannot do the work for you. 2. There will always be someone or something that challenges you to prioritize yourself. The problem is not that we always pick the wrong date, the problem is that you need to decide that you are at least as important as the many other things that you put on your calendar. An appointment with yourself is at least as important as an appointment with your doctor. 3. No, you cannot just get the workbook. That is not how the event was designed. We ask you to be as committed to the event and the day as we are. 4. A big part of the reason you are sick with PCOS…is because you do not make yourself a priority. We cannot help you to get better unless you decide to do that. 5. If you are interested in coming, please contact Dr. Lundgren,, for details. 6. If this is still an inconvenient opportunity for you, please don't ask us to do a little bit more work on our part to take that inconvenience away. Expect to put as least as much into yourself as we are offering to put into you. I hope you have been watching my video blogs to see that I am mostly warm and fuzzy, not hard and cold. But when it comes to this part, making you uncomfortable enough with the complacency that often dictates your fate, I'll get in your face about it. The nest you are in may be safe and comfortable, but it's not where you will find the answers and health you keep telling us you want. I am trying to nudge you out of it. Because I want you to come spend time with us and get really excited about how much more invigorating it is to spread your wings and fly!: ) If you are in Phoenix, we hope to see you on June 16!

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A gentle, loving nudge for our readers: ) + women