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For those of you who do not follow Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh's blog, I wanted to share a really important post. It's about the prevalence of BPA's in our world. BPA's are chemicals that can alter hormone function and therefore, infertility.

This has pertinence to all of you for a couple of inCYST-related reasons.

1. First of all, if you're drinking diet soda thinking it's ok because it's diet, it may not be the obvious that's getting into your body that's causing the problem. If I can't convince you to stop drinking soda, maybe at least I can convince you to look for, purchase, (and therfore create demand for) a less hormone-destructive beverage container.

2. Secondly, the issue of destructive chemicals in our environment is huge. But it seems as though, the huger it gets, the more we seem to want to focus on the minutia of carbohydrates, when to time meals, whether brand"x" breakfast bar is better than brand"y"…ad nausem.

The truth is ladies, one of the reasons you may be forced into a situation where your life has become about minutia is because we as humans have a tendency to stick our head in the sands about big, complex, vague problems it's hard to wrap our brains around, We need to be concerned about the way our chemicals are altering our environment. We need to speak out. I'm appalled at how few people on Facebook even talk about the oil slick…but they all have time to watch the latest Lady Gaga spoof and harvest tomatoes on My Farm. Chemicals aren't going to go away unless we speak up about the fact that we don't want them.

It's unrealistic to ask all of you to wear plastic gloves when you shop so you don't have to touch yours hopping receipts. It IS realistic, however, to ask all of you to take a moment or two out of each day and speak out about something you care about. Plastic, abuse, self-esteem, bullying…if we put our time into that instead of e-poking people we barely know…imagine the world your hormones would have an opportunity to thrive in.

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