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Can we talk?

I just had a wonderful conversation with another client who, yet again, had been told by her physician that she just needed to eat less and exercise more.

Let me tell you, cysters…if that was all it took, I would not be making my living advocating for PCOS answers!

I know from watching these blog statistics that we're getting plenty of traffic from health practitioners looking for GOOD information on PCOS.

I don't want them to find the same old same old. I want them to hear, straight from the source, what kinds of things doctors did and said that were HELPFUL and kinds of things said and done were completely useless.

What I would like to do, if I get enough comments, is draft a Cyster's Bill of Rights. Please don't discount the influence you have on this process. The last time I hosted my major conference and invited two cysters to share their less-than-pleasant journey with the syndrome, every physician in the room got up, personally introduced themselves, and personally apologized for the behavior of physicians they didn't even know.

So hit the comment button and speak your piece! One thing I do ask, is that this not become a bitch session. There are plenty of places on the 'net where you can do that. I'd like this to be action-oriented. For example…

…"When my doctor said _____________________________ I felt ________________."
…"I wish my doctor had ____________________________ when giving me my blood test results instead of ______________________________"

Let's define what we want to see instead of merely complaining about what we didn't get.

I look forward to this discussion!

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