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Vegan? Need protein? Have you tried pea protein?

I have really been stressing the protein in recent consultations. I am finding that most of you who are struggling with weight loss…are not eating nearly enough. And if you are vegan, the challenge becomes even more difficult.

Over the weekend, I visited the Gluten-free Expo here in Phoenix, and our friends at Growing Naturals gave me some of their pea protein powder to try. It has 15 grams in a serving, which is 30% greater than a glass of dairy milk. Here is its ingredient list: Vegotein P® (raw non-GMO yellow pea protein), organic coconut sugar, organic whole grain brown rice, organic vanilla flavor, and organic stevia.

I'll be honest, I have never really embraced the idea of pea protein, because it conjures up a mental picture of drinking split pea soup…and vanilla flavored? But I tell you what, I really like this product! I've been trying it daily to truly evaluate what I think you all would think. I really think you should give it a shot.

If you haven't seen Growing Naturals products in your store yet, write them at They can either help you find a store near you, or if there isn't one, help you place an order online. Until August 1, 2012, if you have never tried Growing Naturals, you can receive 30% off of your first order with the coupon code GFAZ30.

Why not?

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Vegan? Need protein? Have you tried pea protein? + women