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My ten favorite fast foods — they're not what you think!

Fast food. We all know it's not great, but when we're in a hurry, without time to cook, it's what we think of.

That's a great marketing success for those companies who have conditioned us to mentally end that two word phrase with the word"restaurant". It's as if it doesn't come from a commercial kitchen with fryers and a drive-through window, it isn't fast.

The irony of that is that these restaurants are not really so fast! Next time you pull into the drive-through, time yourself from beginning to end. Multiply that by the estimated number of visits per week that you go, then by 52, and you'll have the grand total of minutes you spend in line waiting for food you know you shouldn't be eating anyway. What else could you be doing with all that time?

What if we trained our brains to disconnect the words"fast food" from"restaurant"? A whole host of"fast food" options become opportunities.

Since grocery stores are often as geographically convenient as fast food restaurants, I did an experiment awhile ago. I pulled into the parking lot of my neighborhood Safeway, walked in, picked up an apple, two pieces of string cheese, and a mineral water, for an afternoon snack, and checked out. I used four minutes between the time I left my car to the time I returned to it. Keep in mind, not all are perfect, but they're better than the fast food alternative. It's all about perspective.

So that is my first choice on the list of favorite fast foods. What else can you find in the grocery store that is fast and more hormone-friendly than burgers and fries?

1. Apple and string cheese.
2. Turkey sandwich from the deli section
3. A box of sushi (I like the Trader Joe's brown rice California rolls)
4. Greek yogurt (I prefer unsweetened) with chopped or dried fruit stirred in.
5. Ready made salad (minimize the total amount of premade dressing you use)

At home:

6. Peanut butter and apple sandwich
7. Quesadilla piled with precut veggies, made with low carb tortilla and lowfat cheese
8. Hummous and vegetables (this is also a great option at the grocery store)
9. Rice bowl from Organic Bistro
10. Can of lentil soup or bean soup and a piece of fruit

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My ten favorite fast foods — they're not what you think! + vegetables