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Tropical Fruits For Better Health

I recently had a client ask me if she needed to avoid "tropical" fruits for better health. The woman was told by a friend, who's doctor told her, to stay away from any "tropical" fruits because of the "palm" fruit oil that they contain, and that they would raise her blood cholesterol. I assured the woman that"tropical" fruits do not contain oils and would not raise her blood cholesterol. I wondered to myself, how did this doctor come up with something like this? Today I read an article that may help explain the misinformation.

"Both palm and palm kernel oil come from palm plants (often called “oil palms”) and are categorized as “tropical oils”. These two types of oils come from different parts of the palm plant. Palm oil, which is sometimes called “palm fruit oil,” comes from the fruit; palm kernel oil comes from the seed (a.k.a. the kernel)." The words "tropical oils" and "palm fruit oil". Could it be that the doctor simply assumed this meant"tropical fruit"? Please read on to better understand more about palm oil.

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Tropical Fruits For Better Health + saturated fat