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Honoring the earth is good for your PCOS

Hello inCYST readers!

Just a quick thought for Earth Day. Have you ever considered how sustainable living and PCOS management go hand in hand?

If you walk more instead of driving, you use less gasoline and improve your insulin resistance.

If you choose less processed foods, you reduce your consumption of preservatives and unhealthy fats, in addition to your use of packaging and energy.

If you eat locally produced foods, you increase your antioxidant intake and reduce your consumption of fossil fuels.

If you eat organic foods, you reduce the amount of artificial estrogens you put into your body and into the surrounding environment.

If you eat lower on the food chain, you do a lot of all of the above.

If you improve your sleep hygiene and turn the lights out earlier, you improve your melatonin metabolism at the same time you reduce your electricity consumption.

It all fits together. If you sustain the planet, you bring your body into balance.

What are you going to do today, to pay homage to Mother Nature?

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Honoring the earth is good for your PCOS + tips