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What if yoga and your religion are incompatible?

I encounter this question quite frequently. Yoga is associated with the Hindu religion, and many people steer clear for that reason.

My observation is that yoga classes run the spectrum, from super-connected to as benign as an aerobics class. It all depends on the instructor, and his or her philosophy. I encourage you to try several classes in several locations to see if you can find one that fits.

If you're still hesitant, consider something called"Praise Moves", a program that calls itself the"Christian Alternative to Yoga".

There is no way I can write this post without offending purists on either side of the argument. I'm not here to argue, I'm here to inspire healthy choices. So here's my bottom line with regard to PCOS.

1. Your body has three fluid systems: blood, brain, and lymph. Only one of them has a pump, the blood. The other two depend on muscle movement to be circulated. Yoga, or any activity that encourages you to assume positions other than your primary, seated-on-the-couch-or-in-front-of-the-television, is going to help you to be more flexible and to feel better.

2. One of the biggest barriers to your own success with PCOS is your own anxiety. Any activity that gently allows you to be aware of your inner self in a nonjudgmental fashion, that is compatible with your own spiritual path, is an excellent way to calm that anxiety.

If it's yoga, great. If it's Praise Moves, great.

Just be sure whatever choice you make, your instructor is certified and trained to help you participate without injury.

I just want you to be healthier and to feel better…and moving is an important step toward getting there.

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What if yoga and your religion are incompatible? + perfect body