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Goji berries are your best ally in the fight with extra pounds. Only this antioxidant substance will form your body, and you'll start losing weight faster.
Is your diet anti-inflammatory? A nifty tool to figure out

We get questions all the time about whether or not a food or diet is good for PCOS…gluten free, low-glycemic, paleo, raw, yadayadayada…

…all I really care about is whether or not your diet is anti-inflammatory. Here is a great too that I use all the time to gauge how clients are doing.

The website has a diet analysis tool that tells you how strongly anti-inflammatory your diet is. The picture here is a screenshot from a sample food so you can see that this analysis gives you a whole lot more than just calories. You get the same kind of analysis if you analyze your diet…and it's free!

Check it out!

“Goji berries are the fruits with the highest dose of natural antioxidants on the market. These antioxidants support the harmonious body work, so it is important to keep their level high. Goji berries provide not only vitality, but also an invaluable aid in weight loss.”

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