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Food of the week: Seafood Cups

What a find! I have a thing for thrift stores, dollar stores, etc., and on a recent cruise through the local 99 Cent Store, I found these salmon cups. They're perfectly portable to work, the gym, on a business trip…and they're cheap and yummy!

I happened to try the salmon/mandarin orange variety, but as you can see by the photo, there are also tuna varieties including cajun and teriyaki.

One of my biggest mantras when teaching healthy eating is to break your rules--about what defines breakfast, snacks, etc. You can eat"lunch" food for a snack, and"dinner" food at breakfast, if that suits you better. (I happen to love leftover Chinese food for breakfast!)

Besides the point that this is a wonderful option for a meal you need to pack, I also wanted to reinforce that better food choices do not have to be expensive. Check out your own 99 Cent Store and see what great bargains can get you started on your own journey of better eating.

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Food of the week: Seafood Cups + tuna