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What that dark skin is telling you

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Have you noticed that the skin under your arms, on the back of your neck, and/or in your groin area is darker than it is elsewhere? Does it seem a little dirtier than the rest of your skin…but no amount of scrubbing or skin lightening products seems to help lighten it?

You may have a condition called acanthosis nigricans. It is caused by insulin resistance. It isn't something you may connect to your PCOS, and if you haven't had to take your clothes off for a medical exam, it may have been sitting there unnoticed, telling you something very important about how your insulin is (not) functioning.

I had a friend I had known for several years, who knew I specialized in PCOS, who was always dieting…but who always wore a lab coat for work whenever I saw her. It wasn't until A hot summer afternoon, at a social gathering, when she wore a tank top,that I noticed her acanthosis

This condition will resolve, but only when you correct the source of the problem.

If you have groin, armpit, or back of the neck skin that looks anything like what you see in these photos, be sure to let your PCOS caregiver know.

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What that dark skin is telling you + skin