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Help Zing Bars in Their Quest to Help Women with PCOS

One of my goals for 2011 has been to begin to partner with companies offering products and services with benefit to women with PCOS. Right out of the starting gate, we've got a wonderful announcement for our readers and fans! Zing Bars CEO David Ingalls and I chatted on the radio show this morning and he announced that for the next month, if you buy Zing Bars from their website, a portion of the sale will be donated to PCOS Challenge.

Here is the link to the radio show for more information.

From the beginning, Zing Bars has had a commitment to a quality product that has not always been easy (practically and financially) to maintain. But they've stuck to their guns and it shows in how their company has consistently grown.

I'm honored to know them and excited to share their offer with you.

To participate, simply go to and use the coupon code"PCOS Challenge".

To David, Sandi, Kathleen, and Minh-Hai, we so appreciate your stepping up and creating the Zing Bar. And for doing something for women who often do not receive validation or support for their situation.

Oh, and by the way. I'm not really asking you to sacrifice your taste buds for this. If you've ever tried a Zing Bar you know what I mean. I'm nuts over the blueberry almond flavor.: )

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Help Zing Bars in Their Quest to Help Women with PCOS + Zing Bars