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Fitness Friday — Don't be a slave to the scales!

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If your PCOS has you struggling with weight, chances are, you have an ongoing battle with the scales. I encourage you to give up that battle.

First of all, when you are in good shape, chances are you are going to be able to carry more weight than a woman without PCOS and look leaner than someone without PCOS. As the photo here suggests, the only thing the scales tells you, at any given point in time, is how much you happen to be resisting gravity at the moment you measure yourself. It really is not an indication at all, of who you are as a person.

Secondly, if you haven't exercised much in awhile, because of your testosterone levels, when you start to exercise, you will put on muscle more easily than the average woman. This is going to work in your favor, over time, because muscle mass is your very best weapon against insulin resistance. If you freak out and stop exercising because you have gained weight early on…you have missed the point! If you have gained weight but lost inches, you are on the right track. Hang in there. It will all fall together, if you are consistently exercising.

Thirdly, something your body will do, as an adaptation to regular exercising, is start to store glycogen to fuel that exercise. Glycogen is a stored carbohydrate that your body becomes proficient at storing to help your blood sugar and energy levels stay stable during your runs/swims/spin classes. Every gram of glycogen that you store in your muscles and liver is stored with 3 grams of water. This water is important water, as it is released while you exercise and it helps keep you from becoming dehydrated while you're working out. A well-trained athlete can carry about 10 extra pounds of glycogen and water that simply is not there if you are not regularly training. But it is not fat, and it is not bad weight, and without it, you likely will feel miserable because you are not well fueled or hydrated.

If you have been restrictive with your diet, and you work out pretty hard…and then you go have a regular meal…of course the scale will jump! Your body is doing what it is supposed to do, start storing fuel and water for the next workout. The absolute worst possible thing you can do is try to control these fluctuations by cutting your calories.

Honestly, I can't even remember exactly when I last weighed myself…I think it was sometime last summer and I can't even tell you what the scales said when I did. I know my clothes fit pretty much the same as they usually do, and when they have been a little tight it's been right before my period and it resolves after about a week, and I know that is normal so I don't stress about it.

If you're not at that level of comfort with body yet, if you can't envision even being there, I'd like to ask you to do at least this:

-If you must weigh yourself, only compare Sundays to Sundays and only compare Sunday mornings to Sunday mornings.

- Once you have enough data points, only compare the Sunday after your period to another Sunday after your period.

The surest way to set off unnecessary exercising, or restrictive eating that is sure to set off a binge later, and to sabotage your overall progress in the long…is to weight yourself multiple times daily and assume that the numbers you see are 100% based on calories in and calories out. Anything you do in response to multiple daily weigh ins, is not based in proven exercise science or nutritional math. It is emotional and disordered.

The more you hear that from us, and the more you recognize that anything you do in response to disordered ideas about nutrition, calories, and exercise, the better chance you have at recognizing that these thoughts and feelings are based on anxiety. When you fight anxiety with responses that can help the anxiety, rather than behaviors that may actually DRIVE the anxiety cycle (think playing with the dog, participating in a hobby, reading a book that has absolutely nothing do do with self help, food, infertility, or hormones) that is when your weight actually starts to stabilize.

OK, let's see how you do!

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Fitness Friday — Don't be a slave to the scales! + weight