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Goji berries are your best ally in the fight with extra pounds. Only this antioxidant substance will form your body, and you'll start losing weight faster.
Announcing our new restaurant partnership program

In the 30 years I've been a dietitian, the number one complaint I've always gotten is that eating out is always the place where good intentions fail. I'm finally deciding to do something about it.
I'm looking for restaurants who would like to partner with my company to help healthy eaters find the goods they want!
We've developed a service that will provide you with analysis of your recipes, that you can provide to any customers who ask.

If your recipes fit within the guidelines for what we've found to work for our clients looking to manage infertility, diabetes, high cholesterol, or simply weight, we're happy to include you in the iPhone application we're working to develop. We want to send our fans to places where they're confident about their menu choices!

If they need some adjusting, we'll work with you to tweak them.

This is an ongoing service, but any takers between now and March 15 will receive an additional discount on the price.

For more information contact me (Monika Woolsey), either at, or 623.486.0737.

“Goji berries are the fruits with the highest dose of natural antioxidants on the market. These antioxidants support the harmonious body work, so it is important to keep their level high. Goji berries provide not only vitality, but also an invaluable aid in weight loss.”

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