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We Want to Know About PCOS and Your Hunger

I recently had an enlightening conversation with a colleague who has completed our inCYST training, has a master's degree, and is a lean woman with PCOS. She shared that despite doing all the right things, as we would prescribe for PCOS, she still has days when her appetite is not consistent with her food intake or activity. In other words, she can be ravenously hungry without logical explanation.

I found this comment interesting, as it suggests that intuitive eating may not be appropriate even in a case of lean PCOS.

I would like to hear from others reading this blog who are lean with PCOS.

Is your hunger at times seemingly irrational?

Do you still struggle with cravings?

Do you feel like you have to be more structured and less intuitive with your eating even if you're doing what you're told is"healthy"?

You can comment here, or if you prefer a private response, contact me directly, monika at

All information we can get is most appreciated, and we thank you for your time!

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We Want to Know About PCOS and Your Hunger + women's health