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Food of the week: chili peppers

A few weeks ago I was visiting my parents in Tucson. You could tell the holidays were coming, because the corner lots were all occupied by chili ristra vendors. These chilis, popular in the Southwest, are crafted into artistic wreaths and strands that hang on doors, gates, and walls, everywhere you look. Traditional wisdom says that a house with a ristra hanging out front is a happy household.

I thought this would make a fun food for a holiday greeting, and perhaps if we hung a ristra on this blog, we'd radiate electronic happiness and goodwill.

What is so great about chilis? Well…what isn't?

They are a great anti-inflammatory. Capsaicin, a compound in chilis, has been found to delay the onset of arthritis, and to be therapeutic for diabetic neuropathy. Both of these conditions are more likely to be issues in people prone to inflammatory disorders.

Chilis can reduce cholesterol and heart attack risk. They can reduce the risk of diabetes.

From a practical standpoint, chilis make food interesting. It's easy to eat healthfully if you like what you're eating!

Here is a recipe for Mexican Red Chile Sauce, a staple in New Mexico and excellent on pork…or leftover turkey.

Whether you like Mexican, Szechuan, Indian, or Thai food, don't forget the chilis.

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Food of the week: chili peppers + women's health tips