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Thanksgiving planning — be empowered!

Thanksgiving is coming next week. I've been talking to clients about what they're doing. Some are trying new recipes. Some are starting new traditions that remove the temptation to eat the old way. Others are adding a family hike or walk.

One of my absolute favorite Thanksgivings was spent in San Francisco with my parents. We went to the zoo! Walked around, watched the animals get their special dinners (the pandas got fresh bamboo --talk about fiber!), and after we worked up an appetite, we went out for dinner.

This year I picked pomegranates in my neighborhood and froze all of the seeds. I'm looking for some healthy ways to include them in a holiday dish.

Thanksgiving can be whatever you want it to be. What is one new thing you can do this year to honor your PCOS? I'd love it if you shared, your idea might be just the inspiration another reader needs to get into a new groove herself.

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Thanksgiving planning — be empowered! + power