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No need to let fish intimidate you anymore!

I think one of the reasons people don't eat more fish is because it intimidates them. They don't know how to buy it. To cook it. So they don't prepare it.

I stumbled on an answer to that at Safeway Stores tonight. They have come up with a series of frozen, vacuum-packed seafood entrees that are the perfect basis for a healthy, easy weeknight meal.

Waterfront Bistro is the name of the product, and there are about 10 different varieties: Alaskan Cod, Halibut Steak, and Sockeye Salmon are plain and easily dressed up with fruit salsas or healthy sauces after grilling or broiling.

Want it to be easier than that? Try the Garlic Lemon Pepper Sockeye Salmon, Sesame Teriyaki Pacific Salmon, Toasted Black Pepper Tilapia, Tuscan Roasted Garlic Pacific Cod, Lemon Dijon Pacific Salmon, or the Sesame Chili Tilapia.

There are a couple of breaded varieties I'm not listing because some of the oils on the label were pro-inflammatory. But this still leaves you with a lot of choices for quick and easy seafood meals.

I challenge you to find these difficult or inconvenient ways to include more seafood in your life!

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No need to let fish intimidate you anymore! + women's health tips