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Meet the inCYST exercise experts!

We're accumulating quite a team of exercise experts here, and I wanted to be sure you knew who you could go to for help with your own fitness program. It was when working on my master's degree in exercise physiology that I developed my own interest in hormones, so it's always been important to me to have great go-to people in this area for our fans.

Here they are!

Stacey Frattinger is a registered dietitian with two bachelor's degrees, one in psychology, the other in clinical dietetics. She is also a Certified Health Fitness Specialist. Stacey also lives with PCOS, and understands the struggles associated with nutrition and physical fitness that the diagnosis brings. If you are interested in working with Stacey (she is located in Reno, Nevada), visit her website for more information on the services offered.

Sally Hara, of Kirkland, Washington, is a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, and certified diabetes educator. She is a contributing author to the American Dietetic Association’s 4th edition Sports Nutrition; A Guide for the Professionals Working with Active People, the official Sports Dietitian and Diabetes Educator to the type 1 diabetic athletes of the Sports and Diabetes Group NW, and the official nutrition coach for AdventX, an outdoor adventure fitness training company in Seattle. She will soon be doing a training webinar for inCYST on the topic of Sports Nutrition for PCOS. Personally, Sally enjoys endurance bicycling and has completed the Seattle to Portland bike ride 4 times (and counting) as well as several century rides. I opted for an action shot because as I write this, Sally is on a training ride, wth her local Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), in the pouring rain, for the upcoming Tour de Tucson. Here is her website for more information about how to contact her.

Sarah Jones started out as inCYST's very first intern, has completed the inCYST training, and is our network's very first registered yoga teacher. She has been teaching the yoga component of our current workshop series at Metta Yoga. Sarah is currently completing her nutrition studies at Arizona State University. If you'd like to practice yoga with Sarah, please visit Meta Yoga's website for her current schedule. Sarah is helping me put together a special inCYST training for registered yoga instructors. Stay tuned!

Christine Marquette has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics with a major in Nutrition from the University of Texas and is also a registered dietitian and certified Health Fitness Specialist (HFS). Christine walks the walk (or should I say runs the run)! She is a practicing vegan and an avid runner, having completed over 6 marathons and dozens of 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, and other distance races; and is an assistant coach with Austin Fit marathon training program. She is also a sprint distance triathlete. Christine's practice is in Austin, Texas.

Me (Monika Woolsey) I have degrees in both nutrition and exercise physiology. I managed the exercise testing laboratory my final year of graduate school, and I've worked in fitness centers at Apple Computer and Stanford University. I've also consulted with Olympic and professional athetes. My interest in hormones got started when I researched menstrual cycle abnormalities in elite female figure skaters; that study was the foundation for my work with PCOS. I am an eclectic athlete, not necessarily competetive in any one sport, but I love to move! That wasn't always so, as I struggled with weight as a child and it wasn't until college that I realized I had athletic ability. My photo montage shows me on top of a 14,000 foot peak n Colorado, cross country skiing, finishing a half marathon training run, and getting my butt kicked by Craig in his bootcamp fundraiser. Looking forward to taking tennis lessons very soon! I practice in Phoenix, AZ and Santa Monica, CA, and can be contacted at monika at afterthediet dot com for consultations.

As you can see, our team has a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience with all kinds of exercise. Please take advantage!

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Meet the inCYST exercise experts! + nutrition