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This is for the person who came to our blog searching for what ice cream to eat with PCOS


I'm glad you stopped by the blog. I thought I would answer your question since it's likely one that others have. It's a little more complicated of an answer than you might have anticipated.

SCENARIO ONE: Empowered Use of Ice Cream

If you're eating well in general, and you'd like to have a little bit of ice cream once in awhile, good for you! It turns out that ice cream, because of its fat content, has a lower glycemic index than many people would anticipate. And…women who eat at least one fat-containing serving of dairy are more fertile than women who do not. The best way to capitalize on this, is to eat ice cream in conjunction with a meal, so that the protein and the fat from that meal further modulate blood glucose levels. The fewer ingredients, preservatives, additives, and stablizers your ice cream has, the better. Eat it at the table, not standing in the kitchen, not out of the carton, not sitting in front of the TV. Savor every delicious spoonful.

SCENARIO TWO: Ice Cream's Calling the Shots

The worst way you can ever eat ice cream, is by the bowlful, right before bedtime. Raising your blood sugar around bedtime increases the risk of precipitous drops in blood glucose during sleep. In response, your body will secrete cortisol to bring the blood sugar back up, so that when you wake up, you've got a high fasting blood sugar. It is why you may not be hungry for breakfast. Start to take notice — what was going on in your food world the 12 hours before you woke up not hungry? If you can identify either a long stretch of not eating, or eating something high in sugar, not balanced with protein…figure out a way to change it.

The most important question I might ask you here, is why you're looking for PCOS-friendly ice cream. If the answer is, you're not quite ready to make true PCOS-friendly changes, and hoping there is a way for you to continue along your path that, while comfortable, is heading you down a serious path of medical complications, you're in denial. It simply doesn't work that way.

There is no ice cream, no ice cream at all, that is PCOS-friendly when eaten as an emotional outlet for loneliness, stress, anger, frustration, or any other emotion you're struggling with. You're only fueling your PCOS fire and making it worse by using food to cope with the emotions the disease is intensifying. Perhaps your PCOS diagnosis is your invitation to learn to use other outlets for those emotions, rather than hiding from them or self-medicating. If that is what you want, you need to be honest with yourself. You're looking for binge-friendly foods, not PCOS friendly foods. That's NOT what we write about or support.

Last week I posted a quote on my Facebook page that came across my Twitterfeed:"Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die". I got more than a dozen"likes" for that one. If you're bingeing on ice cream because you're angry at your spouse, your doctor, me, your diagnosis, your body, whatever…all of us walk away unscathed. The only person you're hurting is you.

Make this the day that ice cream becomes something you have a little taste of after a satisfying meal, and stops being the thing you turn to when something is feeling out of control.

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This is for the person who came to our blog searching for what ice cream to eat with PCOS + protein