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inCYST cares about your skin!

Such exciting developments on the skin care front! You've likely seen Carmina McGee's posts here at inCYST. Carmina is a registered dietitian as well as a licensed esthetician, and she loves to teach about skin care from inside out. If you haven't heard her interview on PCOS Challenge, and you want to know more about everything from acne to acanthosis nigricans to skin tags…I highly recommend it.

Speaking of skin, we're soon to have a new inCYST member with some great new information for you! Dr. Susan Van Dyke is a board certified dermatologist in Paradise Valley (near Phoenix), Arizona, who has a special interest in PCOS. She's got a great new laser technique called Duet LightSheer Laser, which is only available in select locations in the United States. You can read about Dr. Van Dyke and her procedure at this link, and you can join her Facebook group at"Van Dyke Laser and Skin".

I am learning from all of you how important it is to understand the emotional issues surrounding the appearance changes PCOS induces, and it's important to me that we provide support for you in those areas as well as in areas where we're currently very actively discussing.

I love what Carmina is doing and I'm absolutely thrilled Dr. Van Dyke is joining our group. I hope it's only the beginning of new, helpful information and services we at inCYST can offer to our readers.

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inCYST cares about your skin! + women's health tips