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An Honest Look at PCOS

Many of you living in Los Angeles saw the story on PCOS the past two nights. For those of you who didn't see it, I'm posting the first half of the story here.

I found this piece moving and was especially thankful to the women for letting LA (and the Internet) into their lives. Los Angeles can be such an appearance-focused community, and to talk honestly about how it feels to live with a syndrome that doesn't allow you to live up to your community's unspoken code of appearance…well, I'm not so sure I would be that brave.

A crucial component of my professional PCOS training is to invite women with PCOS to come tell their stories to the health professionals aspiring to help them. I never cease to be amazed at the unsympathetic, uninformed, and even abusive things that are said to"cysters" that is intended to be advice, but only leaves the women feeling even more hopeless. At one conference in particular, every physician in the room personally apologized to the"cysters" who spoke, not just for themselves, but on behalf of the colleagues who were not there to hear their stories.

I know it's really hard to reach out for help if insults, condescension, and not being believed are what you've experienced when you tried. As you can see in these videos, there are people who care, who understand, and who can help. We hope you reach out to them.

The second half of the story is here. I wish there had been more time for more nutrition information, as there is so much that can be done that was not mentioned. And, as many of you know, if not done wisely, well-intentioned dieting can easily flip into a vicious eating disorder. If you like the story, please email Fox News and let them know. If they know these kinds of honest portrayals are what bring them viewers, they are much more likely to give you more of what you like!

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An Honest Look at PCOS + women's health tips