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Not sure how you talk about not dieting by talking about it but I'm going to try

I know you readers. The surest way to get you thinking about something…is to bring it up in conversation and then tell you not to think about it.

That personality characteristic is why infertility drives you so crazy…why you spend hours on the Internet looking for more information, getting excited about a new piece of information then driving yourself crazy for several more hours researching that piece of information, blogging about it, Facebooking about it, Tweeting about it. It can consume you.

So even though I don't agree with diets, I don't talk about them because it reinforces the cognitive paths through which that obsessive thinking is carved. I'd rather build new, healthy paths of thinking and encourage them to grow, while neurological"weeds" grow in and crowd out the viability of the old ways of obsessing and thinking. I aspire to make this new way of thinking so rewarding that it's easy to look back at the old thoughts and obsessions, identify them as"brain spam" and click your brain's"delete" button before they even have a chance to have your attention.

The problem I have is that today is International No Diet Day. I love the concept and believe in the message, but promoting it goes totally against the grain of how I choose to fight the problem. In order to promote it I have to make you think about dieting…or maybe not dieting…or maybe a little bit of both.

So instead, I'm going to tell you, this one time only, ever, on this blog, if you haven't figured it out already, we're not about dieting. We're about valuing ourselves and the planet enough to make choices that benefit both. Making food choices that fuel us without depleting the planet, choosing a bedtime that allows for adequate sleep, moving because it feels good, and not stressing or obsessing about things that keep us stuck.

Please remember our blog as a place to come when so much talk about what you're trying to get away from is starting to feel like a force stronger than gravity, pulling you exactly toward that unwanted destination.

So before we get stuck in that place where we don't want to be but sometimes get so caught up in talking so much about where we don't want to be that we keep ourselves right there…

…I'm going to wish you a happy May 6th and invite you to do something for yourself that promotes feeling really, really good about yourself.

Me? I had some delicious strawberries for breakfast, put some luscious coconut oil on my skin, shared a funny joke with friends, and scheduled my day to end early enough that I can attend an art opening of a friend.

No time for thinking or talking about places I don't want to be.

Here's to you having an equally nurturing day as well.

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Not sure how you talk about not dieting by talking about it but I'm going to try + thinking