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Fitness Friday: In-line skating is how I roll

One of my very favorite activities is Rollerblading. I discovered it after moving to California from Colorado years ago. I was really missing cross-country skiing, and rented some in-line skates one weekend. It was love at first roll! I loved them so much, I even commuted to work with them, quite frequently. Weekends, my boyfriend at the time and I would head over to Stanford University and pass the afternoon in a closed parking garage, skating up the ramps and speeding down the levels, over and over and over again. I have not skated much in past years, as I had been running more. But recently, I have been plagued with arthritis in one of my ankles, and have been challenged to rework my exercise plan to include activities that don't stress the joint as much. Last night I pulled out the Rollerblades, and thought of ten reasons you all may want to think about trying it. I hope you give it a try! 1. Easier on joints As much as I love running, it does pound the joints. When you are starting out a weight loss program, that can be a barrier. Skating allows you to move that same weight over equal distances without expecting your knees and ankles to absorb the shock of every single stroke. 2. Great workout without feeling so exhausting I was so used to huffing and puffing when I ran, that the first time I skated, I was a little disappointed. It didn't feel as if it was pushing me as hard athletically. Then one day I was stopped at a corner and decided to check my pulse. It was up there in the running zone! It just used my muscles in different ways, apparently. 3. Meditative Something I love about skating (as well as swimming) is the meditative rhythm I can get into. My neighborhood has wide, shady streets, and it is so relaxing to get out there and get into a back and forth rhythm. Something about that clears the head and enhances creativity. It was in my meditative mode, in fact, that I was inspired to write this blog post! 4. Playful As I mentioned, I've"bladed" parking garages. I've also circled lakes, and sneaked on to golf courses. I love gentle hills. Last night I spent a lot of time practicing balancing on one leg, then the other, then seeing what positions I could do that balancing in. The whole time I was moving forward, and before I knew it I had gone six miles. It was an enjoyable workout. 5. Great for the butt Those boots are heavy! So every time you push off and lift your foot, it is like lifting a weight. The ones at the gym that you do to work out your butt. Only you get thousands more lifts in than you ever would at the gym. 6. Works different leg muscles The inner thigh muscles are hard to work out. Most runners develop their quads but those thighs just don't get their fair share. But skating uses all the leg muscles. Regular use will shape your legs, quite nicely. 7. You can channel Apolo Anton Ohno Yes, I do that. I squat really low to make my quads work really hard. I bend over, put one arm on my back like those Olympic guys do and swing the other one back and forth. I imagine I am in Helsinki or Calgary or some other snowy place. It makes it fun to get out there. Exercise doesn't have to hurt. It can actually be fun! If you've never tried skating, I encourage you to do it, at least once, and see if you like it. One word of advice, do wear wrist and knee guards. Just to be safe. We don't want you eliminating your new favorite activity from a fall just as you were getting into your groove!

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Fitness Friday: In-line skating is how I roll + women