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Learn with Dr. Gretchen Kubacky how hormones and mood affect each other!

If you're a fan of Gretchen Kubacky, PsyD, you know she's educational and great listening. If you're not, here's your opportunity to change that!

Dr. Gretchen's upcoming webinar contents and registration information include:
--screening clients for PCOS and other health and endocrine disorders
--physical and psychological presentations of PCOS
--common comorbidities
--how PCOS-prevalent hormones affect the brain and the development of mood disorders
--why coordination of care is so critical
--preferred treatment methods
--what to expect during the course of treatment
--psychotherapist self-care
--additional resources

In addition to her psychology training, Gretchen lives with both PCOS and diabetes; her first hand experience helps bring a compassionate perspective to this challenging and often overlooked aspect of PCOS.

You may listen to this webinar separately, or register for the entire PCOS professional training. Information can be found either on our Facebook page, or at

Nonprofessionals are more than welcome to participate!