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Learn about barramundi, a sustainably farmed, high-omega-3 fish

We hosted a Facebook chat today with Australis, the company that farms barramundi. All kinds of topics were covered: Earth Month is about sustainability, and making the world safer and less toxic for everyone. How do you see food being a part of this issue? Some people don't eat fish because they don't know how to cook it. Have you found recipes that are an easy"in" to cooking seafood? Do you know if the foods you eat contain hormones? How can you find out if they do/don't? What have you heard about fish farming? Do you have any questions about aquaculture? If you couldn't make it live, the entire transcript is on their Facebook fan page. Check it out! The photo you see here, by the way, is of the Australish fish farming facility in Vietnam. You can learn more about it by clicking the above link. Worth learning about.