The Hemp Connection + [Wellcoach]

How do I know if I'm hungry, craving, or just have a"taste" for something?

If you've ever troubled yourself over these issues as you try to eat more healthfully, take a half hour and listen to today's radio interview with Lesli Koskela, RD, LD, registered dietitian and certified Wellcoach. Lesli is also a licensed facilitator for a group called"Am I Hungry?" (inCYST's only such qualified member), that she conducts in the northwest Chicago suburbs. She shared a lot of information about how the kind of work she does can help you to tease apart the differences, and what to do to address each. Many women with PCOS struggle with this and their hormone imbalances can make it challenging to figure out how to start putting the pieces together in a cohesive and doable fashion. That is what Lesli loves to do!

If you like what Lesli has to say, she is also available to work with via phone or Internet.

Check out her website at!