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Finally, vitamin D and Greek yogurt in the same food!

I recently blogged about Greek yogurt, and how most major brands contain no vitamin D. Given the realities that many women consider yogurt to be a nutritional equivalent to milk, and vitamin D is increasingly being recognized as a factor in PCOS and other health issues, this is a really important thing to know. I have become increasingly frustrated with the amount of nutritional advice encouraging Greek yogurt consumption without mentioning this.

Last night I noticed that Yoplait has come out with its own Greek yogurt, containing twice the protein of regular yogurt and 20% of the recommended Daily Value for vitamin D. I would strongly recommend going with the plain version and adding fruit to sweeten it, to avoid excessive added sugar, but otherwise, it's probably the best Greek yogurt out there for anyone who is concerned about their vitamin D levels.

If you go to the link above, you can get a coupon you can use when you try it, too!


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