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We're teaming up with PCOS Challenge to Educate Dietitians


We are teaming up with PCOS Challenge to provide a new series of continuing education for registered dietitians and diet technicians! I am excited about this venture because I respect Sasha Ottey and her effort with PCOS Challenge. Plus, I believe that teamwork is always better than one-work!

We will be using Sasha's podcasts as the curriculum for this effort. You can always listen to these podcasts for free, but if you listen and would like to get credit for the time you invested, that option is now available. In order to earn the credit, you will be asked to answer a few short essay questions related to the program.

If you are a registered dietitian or diet technician, and you are interested in purchasing the continuing professional education units available for PCOS Challenge podcasts, information can be found by clicking here.

I will be posting the new topic each week as the final podcast becomes available

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