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Now you can use flax in your kitchen — new culinary flaxseed oil from Shape Foods

Since the beginning, flaxseed oil has been an important part of our protocol. It provides the helpful estrogenic benefits that soy does, but without the potential problems soy creates for thyroid function. The problem is, most flaxseed oil is not easy to take and therefore it isn't used as much as it could/should be.

Shape Foods has finally solved that problem with their new line of culinary flax oils. In the first picture you see the line of smoothie-friendly flavors: banana, coconut, chocolate, and caramel. I was skeptical, but they turned out to be yummy! These products are hot off the factory line and not easy to find. Be sure to ask for the Royal Harvest flavored flax at your favorite store to be sure the buyers know there is a demand. I did manage to find the Coconut and Banana flavored varieties on if you're interested in ordering by mail.

If you're more of a savory person, you may be interested in their Heart Shape line of cultural cuisine adaptations: Szechuan, Thai, Indian, Mexican, and Italian. Salsas, bruschettas, pad thais, etc., will never be the same again!

This product line is slated to appear on grocery shelves this summer. I have no link to provide you. (That is, yet!) Again, be sure your local buyer knows you want to buy them!

This product line was by far one of my favorite finds at Natural Products Expo West. One of the most frequent questions I've had when teaching omega-3 chemistry was about how to cook with flax oil. I always hated answering the question because it hasn't really been a kitchen-friendly oil.

Now it is, and I'm excited to try them in my own kitchen!

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