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Meet the dietitians working at PCOS Week at Green Mountain at Fox Run

Thought you might enjoy seeing some faces behind all these blog posts about Vermont!

On the left in this photo is Marsha Hudnall, co-owner of Green Mountain at Fox Run Resort. She and her husband Alan Wayler invited me to come to Vermont twice a year to help administer their PCOS program. Marsha is very busy right now, revamping Green Mountain's program to include more of a functional nutrition/functional medicine approach.

Since I was there in November, Marsha has changed the menu to be lower in gluten, and to include more vegetables at each meal. I could tell a huge difference in my own satisfaction with the meals, and the kitchen staff noted her changes have subtly changed the guests' appetites so that they seem to ask for fewer seconds and snacks. She has lots of plans for additional changes, which I can't wait to post here!

On the right in this photo is Robyn Priebe, Green Mountain's Director of Nutrition and Program Coordinator. Robyn organizes and teaches the nutrition classes, meets individually with guests to help develop their nutrition plans, and she is also a graduate of the inCYST PCOS Training. She is currently also working toward LEAP certification, a program that will certify her to work with blood testing and nutrition counseling for food sensitivities. All week long I heard comments about the great things the guests were learning in her classes and sessions.

And that's me, Monika, in the middle. I was clearly in good company when this photo was taken!

We'll be working together again this coming November 7 — 13 for the next PCOS week. Stay tuned for more information. Or…contact them now to reserve your spot and start your planning!


Meet the dietitians working at PCOS Week at Green Mountain at Fox Run {vegetables}