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Dietitans--Can't Do PCOS Without Them!

Today, my post is devoted to a special project promoting registered dietitians. I am cohosting, with dietitian Renata Mangrum, the first-ever Registered Dietitian blogfest, aimed at showcasing to the Internet-surfing public the many things dietitians do and can do to help you with your quest for help. Listed below my entry is a list of links to other blogs written by other dietitians that you can visit to see the many things my friends and colleagues do within this profession.

inCYST was created precisely because I realized there was so much misinformation about polycystic ovary syndrome. Not only was it not HELPING women with PCOS to get better, some of the information seemed to have potential to actually HURT those women.

So I started this network as a means of putting together a team of professionals whose mission and knowledge was evidence-based and cohesive.

What has developed out of that has been far more than I ever could have envisioned when I sat down to do this. Several of our network members have PCOS themselves. Several others have gone through their own issues with infertility. Others have family members with mental health diagnoses, whose treatments for those diagnoses have affected their hormone function.

So as we grow, we are becoming a network of practitioners who happen to be people first, and practitioners second. I love that, because it means we've been there, we know how it can feel to have PCOS and its many associated problems, and we're committed to helping provide accurate information wrapped in a compassionate package.

I can't think of anything better I could be devoting my work and my career to. I hope you enjoy our blog…and I hope you enjoy getting to know some of the many colleagues participating in our blogfest today!

Warmest regards,

Monika M. Woolsey, MS, RD
Founder, inCYST Network for Women with PCOS

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Dietitans--Can't Do PCOS Without Them! {tips}