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Food of the week: almonds

I've gotten a handful of questions about almonds recently so it seemed like it was time to give them their own personal blog post. It's a good day to talk about the benefits of a handful of almonds, since it's also National Wear Red Day and heart disease is an important risk factor for women with PCOS. They're repeatedly shown to have heart healthy benefits. Eight peer-reviewed studies reported at consistently produced the same results: lower LDL and lower total cholesterol. Other findings included increased HDL, and lower triglycerides.

The disclaimer is that the almonds were used to replace other foods in the diet. In other words, if you know your diet needs some"cleaning up", it won't help to keep eating the problem foods and add the almonds. You need to simultaneously reduce intake of other foods and replace those calories with almonds.

Fortunately, almonds are a tasty snack and can be added to your morning oatmeal, your lunchtime salad, or your favorite muffin recipe. If you'd like to take it one step further and cook more with almonds, the almond people have a great web page with a search engine to give you some ideas.

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