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Not sleeping well? Take a look at your technology habits

I have having fun learning how to use an iPad this week. The first night I had it, I was up pretty late installing apps and learning to navigate the system, which is new for me.

I also spent much of the night tossing and turning in bed, too wired tomrelax and fall asleep. I've written about this before, but since I have now experienced the phenomenon myself thought I'd pass along a little reminder.

IPads, because of how they are lit, interfere with melatonin production and they interfere with sleep. Be judicious with how you use them!

I made a conscious effort last night to turn mine off at about 7:30 and it made a huge difference.

This could be a bit of a drag for those of you who love to read in bed, but consider the ever-strengthening relationship between sleep and insulin function. the less you sleep the more likely it is that you will be insulin resistant.

For those of you sending me late night emails…I check time stamps and I will be calling you out! It's NEVER so important that you have to write me at 3 am!

The good news here is that I learn to navigate this gadget I'll surely be thinking of ways to use it to your benefit. During daylight hours, of course. Stay tuned!

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