The Hemp Connection [2016-08-21

  • Food of the week: Chile rellenos

  • The latest research regarding acupuncture and PCOS

  • Nutrition may be one of the most important weapons against secondary infertility

  • Why do you eat what you do…?

  • Play with your food! Ivonne and I create a healthy Cuban-Moroccan treat!

  • More omega-3 fats doesn't benefit heart patients…OH REALLY?

  • Moustaches and Muffin Tops

  • Get the most value for your fertility dollar--summer room rates for our fertiity getaway in effect for one last month

  • Food of the week: Shirataki Noodles

  • Maximizing dietary estrogens for menopause while minimizing soy intake

  • If you enjoyed Dr. Gretchen Kubacky on PCOS Challenge…see her in person!

  • Fear of Diagnosis: Dealing With Labels You Don’t Want

  • Is your smart phone bad for your PCOS? Try some Technomindfulness

  • Tenemos una version espanol!

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