The Hemp Connection + [Haviland Stillwell]

Enjoy music? Haviland Stillwell has a deal for you

We received a really sweet e-mail from our longtime supporter Haviland Stillwell this week, she's offered to sell autographed copies of her recently released CD,"How I Role", to help raise money for inCYST.

We're touched and honored, friend!

Haviland will be at the Marina del Rey fundraiser, and you can pick one up there. We think you'd really enjoy meeting the real Haviland in person, and hope you can make it. But, we understand if that won't work. You can also contact me at monika at afterthediet dot com, and I will take orders and forward them to Haviland.

HOW I ROLE by Haviland Stillwell

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each autographed hard copy CD ($25) will be donated to inCYST.